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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Da Vinci
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"I'm a man of simple tastes. I am always satisfied with the best" -Oscar Wilde
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Excel in digital marketing. Expand webs of influence.
We provide intelligence and resources- especially for hospitality and entertainment. Find or promote hardware, software, and services.
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"incredibly professional and insightful [...] His service was quintessential in the direct success of many of my projects. I highly recommend Wong Web Works!"

Kyle EnriQuEZ
Creative Solutions | Orlando Bands Media

"Mr. Wong brings life to every project with his dynamic sense of fun. He is wonderful to work with [...] teaches everything with details and makes it more understandable"

Xzavier Patterson
Junior Developer | G-Star Raw Reseller

"David is one of a kind [...] Not only is he a great musician, but he also has a variety of skill with web design and marketing."

Jennifer Santana
Content Creator | Social Media Strategist

"Yes! I like the way it's all laid out!!"

Patrick Keel
Consultant | P & L Financial Services

" David is an excellent instructor who treated us like peers and made everything a fun experience, invoking feeling of inclusion and value"

Steven Anderson
Junior Developer | Econ River High School

"Thank you, these are all great!"

Camille Lawfawnsherri
Artist | Teacher | Environmentalist | Social Activist

"Hey, awesome page."

MatThew Meehan
CEO Shield Advisory Group | Serial Entrepreneur | Consultant | Finance Expert

"keep up with the music. Very enjoyable."

Celina Suarez
Director aeffect hair | Davines Educator



Launch, simplify, hasten. Procurement, budgeting
Business Strategy


Sourcing, sales, research, systems analysis, cost reduction
Competitor analysis


Security, integration, delivery, migration, testing, estimates
Systems management


Industry standard, light frameworks, robust ecosystems
Freeware customization


Products, financial plan, virtual tours, user experience
Build foundations


Ecommerce, leads, vendors, recruitment, white label solutions
Search curation


Brand collateral, writing, graphics, music, video, voice, print
Add content


SEO, direct outreach, social media, radio
Start campaign


Core subjects, media, coding bootcamp, test prep, tutoring
Course descriptions


Entrepreneurship, recruiting, domain knowledge, writing
Improve portfolio


Theory, production, marketing, technology, voice, recording
Music lessons


Surpass mind, body, and soul peak conditions. Habituate success
Read literature


SEO & Performance Training
with $2000+ contracts
  • Live status dashboards

  • Staff training

  • Competition analysis

Screenshare lesson
15% off
after short survey
  • x1 short answer

  • x4 multiple choice

Content Creation Shortcuts
Free book
with $50 content purchase
  • "Ctrl + C" mastery

  • Maximize speed

  • Only simple techniques

Learn the skills! Sign up for a group class or private lesson

Video Editing
editing labor only
  • Try vertical video

  • Incredible speech and audio

Brainstorm Content Pack
tailored material
  • 25 images + 25 icons

  • 25 keywords + 25 phrases

  • 50 seconds audio and video

Business Cards + Design
500 count
  • UV, cut, thickness, material

  • Wood, plastic, metal

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Cloud functions with intra-agency and customer interfaces suitable for doctors and small business.


Ebay, Amazon, Paypal, Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Leadpages.


Content management, hosting, database, miscellaneous.


Premium hospitality, catering, staging, planning, entertainment, conferences, 360 video.